Conference microphone


Conference Microphone System

Mighty MICE is a true expert in Conference Microphone System both installation and rental which has successfully shown to all scales of conferences domestically and internationally. This Digital Conference Microphone is a key equipment for any meeting that require discussion or sharing among participant’s opinion, vote, etc. Moreover, during the Covid-19 pandemic, most of onsite and hybrid meetings need a setup with Social Distancing, therefore, for the discussion with onsite and online participants, and the most important is this Conference Microphone System is compatible with our Language Interpretation System perfectly.

Conference Microphone for Senate and
House of Representatives (TOT), 2019
Conference Microphone & Interpretation System in FIG 2016
Conference Microphone & Interpretation System in AIPA Interface 2019

Shure is our trusted brand and Mighty MICE holds a membership of SCN : Shure Conferencing Network where all Language Interpretation and Conference Microphone Systems suppliers from Shure and DIS gather to support all level of meetings and conferences worldwide as Mighty MICE and SCN did many times before in Conference Microphone for rent projects such as AMM 2016 (Lao), IPU 2017 (Bangladesh), CFM 2018 (Bangladesh), CHOD 2019 (Thailand), etc.

For more information, please contact :
info@mightymiceadmin and Tel. (+66) 097-160-5888 (Line & WhatsApp)

Additional Equipment (Rental & Installation)

หูฟังแปลภาษาในงาน Chief of Defense 2019
Conference Microphone with Language Interpretation System
Auto-tracking Full HD Camera
Web-based Application for Controlling and Configurating Conference Microphone System

Past Performance : Conference Microphone for Rent

Conference Microphone for rent in ADMM 2019
Conference Microphone in ASEAN Defense Minister 2019
Conference Microphone for rent in House of Representatives and Senate 2019
Conference Microphone in House of Representatives & Senate 2019
conference microphone for rent in roaming cabinet
Conference Microphone in Roaming Cabinet, Chantaburi province
conference microphone for rent in AMER
Conference Microphone in ASEAN Minister of Energy Meeting 2019