Language Interpretation System

Language Interpretation System, Interpreter Booth, Interpreter

Simultaneous Interpretation System and Interpreter Booths in APA 2019, Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok 13-14 February 2019

For any seminar, training, meeting and conference with foreign language speaker, it would be a tought situation to create a well understanding among participants. The Language Interpretation System is the right answer.

Mighty MICE brings the modernest Language Interpretation Technology to all meeting organizers who need this high technology equipment that is accepted world-wide. Having interpreter as a person in charge to transfer original language into another language or languages to multi-national audiences as required.

Interpretation Headphone

Digital Infra-red & UHF Language Interpretation Headphones

Mighty MICE provides two different Language Interpretation Systems, namely

Digital Infra-red System which is the best and modernest in developing technology. Serving maximum 32 languages and support many meeting rooms at the same time without interference from any signal or frequency. This Digital Infra-red is best suited in high confidentiality, need super clear audio performance and the most important is the perfect prevention of information leakage.

RF : UHF/FM System serves any economical meetings. This system could support from small until some thousands audiences in one huge meeting room. Our biggest performance with RF system was 9,800 people with 11 Interpreter Booths in the same hall.

Interpreter Booth

Interpreter Booth

Interpreter Booth is a working place of the interpreter in a meeting room. Interpreter Booth is one of the most important item that is mostly overlooked. The selection of the proper design of the booth could facilitates interpreter to work with highest performance. Mighty MICE’s Interpreter Booth is produced by referring to the ISO 4043 standard such as widest windows in all sides could enhance interpreters could see the entire view in the meeting room and adjacent booths cleary.

Language Interpretation System in Online and Hybrid Meetings

Language Interpretation System in an Online Seminar
Language Interpretation System in a Hybrid Meeting

The widely and quickly spread out of the Covid-19 during 2020 has raised an online meeting facility at its extremely high demand. Mighty MICE initiates the combination of our Language Interpretation System with Cloud-base Meeting Application such as Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar effectively.

Moreover, we also serve organizations who need a team of expert organizing Online and Hybrid Meeting with our professional conference facilities such as Full HD – 4K VDO Camera with switching system, Conference Microphones System, Audio-Visual-Lighting Systems, and of course, the Interpretation System that we are expert at.

Hygienic Concern in our Equipment

Mighty MICE facilitates organizer with English-Thai-Speaking Receiver Distributor. A simple step for getting a Receiver to be used is just an ID Card, Passport or placing USD 100 as a deposit. This policy does merely prevent the lost of the receiver and headphone.

Receivers & Earphones are sterilized by UV light at our storage area and at the venue (by request).
Before distributing to delegates, the Food Grade Alcohol 75% will be applied to our equipment.
The Headset Distributor is provided to facilitate the delegations taking and return the headsets. (This image is taken in 2017)

Moreover, the most important process in the pandemic is the Cleanliness. Mighty MICE ensures that the Reciever, Headphone, Interpreter Booth, Equipment in the Booth are clean and sanitized by using Alcohol 75% spray on all touchable item. This process is done by our staff who always wears mask and gloves.